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The SFQG currently has over 250 enthusiastic and fabulous quilters! Membership in SFQG includes admission to:

  • General meetings
  • Subscription to Quilter's Cables (our monthly newsletter)
  • Access to the Guild's Lending Library
  • Special discounts from our affiliates
  • Opportunity to display quilts in our quilt show
  • Potential mentorship with other guild members
  • Saturday Sewcials (workshops taught by guests / guild members)
  • Show & Tell (guild members show current works at our monthly meetings)

All SFQG members are welcome to attend Board Meetings. Our membership year is from October through September.  If you are interested in becoming a SF Quilt Guild Member, you can download a 2005 newsletter, which has a membership application in it.

Annual Guild Dues

$30.00     Standard Membership        

$20.00     Seniors & Juniors             

$30.00     Affiliates                    

$10.00     Newsletter Subscription Only   

How to Join the Guild
To join, make payment online or renew your membership, or inform us of a change in your personal information, please fill out the membership form (which can be found in any of our newsletters).  Mail it to the following address:

    Membership Chair           

    San Francisco Quilt Guild    

    P. O. Box 27002               

    San Francisco, CA  94127


Note:  Please be aware that we are an all volunteer organization and it might take some time for us to process your request.



Reproduction of text / imagery on this website prohibited without written permission of the author / artist. 


© Copyright 2005, San Francisco Quilt Guild